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Pro Bono Partnership Pundit: Board Performance and Inertia

Posted on by Kent E. Hansen

I tend to be uncomfortable with change. I know I am not alone. People’s resistance to change has spawned many different uses for the word “inertia” that have nothing to do with physics. There are cognitive inertia, business inertia, organizational … Continue reading

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Board Leadership: Finding the Levers in Your System

Posted on by David Grant, former President and CEO, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

We recently concluded the 2015-16 Board Leadership Series with a workshop titled “Turning Learning Into Action.” Near the end, I posed a question: “Can you effectively influence something that matters to you by focusing on changing something else?” The answer … Continue reading

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Board Leadership: Welcoming the “Groan Zone”

Posted on by Dodge

I was back in Morristown and Monroe Township last week to facilitate the last workshops of Dodge’s Board Leadership Training Series: Turning Learning Into Action. That’s harder than it sounds, because bringing any learning back to any organization raises the possibility … Continue reading

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