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Board Leadership: Relationships Among the Parts

Posted on by David Grant

Faithful readers of the Dodge Blog know that I have repeatedly urged practitioners in the social sector to “plan backwards” from a shared vision of success, using qualitative assessment rubrics as a tool. If you make time for the process … Continue reading

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Why We Unveiled New Assessment Tools for Our Grantees

Posted on by Dodge

Whether your organization enriches people’s lives through theater that bridges cultural divides or music instruction that sharpens children’s minds and boosts their confidence, you can probably think of ways you wish you did your work better. At Dodge, we believe … Continue reading

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Board Leadership: David Grant Imagines If Hillary and Donald Had a Rubric

Posted on by Guest Blogger

The stunning levels of negativity, distrust, and cynicism evident in the political sphere this fall stand in stark contrast to the spirit I encountered recently in three days of workshops with staff and board members of New Jersey nonprofits, courtesy … Continue reading

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