Poetry Fridays: Wishing You Moments of Peace

Marie Howe’s “Part of Eve’s Discussion” captures a moment when the world changes irreversibly. We have felt somewhat suspended in such a moment for nearly two years now, and still can’t predict how the world will be changed as we go forward. Yet Howe’s poem, like poetry itself, reminds us to be more attentive to the moments we have. Her second poem, “The Moment,” wishes us respite from the worries and fears that whir, sometimes it seems unceasingly, around and within us. 

As we pass the longest night of the year, move through a season of feasts and celebration, and welcome a new year, we at the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Program wish you all such a moment of peace, and then another and another, today and every day of the year ahead.  

Happy Holidays, 

Martin, Ysabel, Victoria, Wendy, David and Clarise 

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