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There’s just about one week left in April; if you’re looking for ways to savor the end of National Poetry Month, check out the Academy of American Poets’ 30 ways to celebrate national poetry month. This list includes suggestions ranging from memorizing a poem to using the Academy’s special poetry event search engine to find poetry near you.

We have one more item to add to the list: if you are an educator, sign up for Spring & Fountain Online by the end of today (Friday, April 21st). Spring & Fountain Online is a free program designed to help you bring more poetry into your life, on your timeline and from the comfort of your home. If you’re not an educator, share the sign-up link with someone who is, and check out our post on the Dodge Blog last week for a few poems and a fun poetry activity you can try today.


Photo by Eugene Kogan

National Poetry Month serves as an excellent reminder to make time for poetry as we move about our increasingly busy lives, but the fun doesn’t have to stop on May 1st. We’ve all heard that “April showers bring May flowers.” We hope that the seeds of poetry you’ve planted and tended this month bring color and beauty to your life all year round.


Click here to sign up for Spring & Fountain Online by the end of today.


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