Happy National Poetry Month!

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For the twentieth year in a row, April is National Poetry Month. In celebration, we will be posting an Instagram every day this month featuring a quote from a poem that we find beautiful, moving, funny, or otherwise powerful. Each piece of poetry will be paired with a photo that provides a visual complement to the words. We hope that you will feel inspired to not only share these Instagrams, but also use them as a jumping off point to fall in love with poems and poets that you may not have met before.

“You are quite the beauty. If no one has ever told you that before know that now. You are quite the beauty.”

The first piece of poetry we are sharing to kick off National Poetry Month comes from Anis Mojgani‘s “Come Closer,” a poem that invites readers and listeners to “come into this.” Mojgani’s warm, joyful poem of praise seems the perfect way to usher in a month devoted to inviting everyone to celebrate poetry and the way it enriches our lives.

You can follow Anis Mojgani on Twitter @mojgani.

All of the quotes in these Instagram posts come from our archive of video footage from past Dodge Poetry Festivals. You can access our whole library of Festival videos here.

Follow us on Instagram @dodgepoetry to see what bit of poetry each day will bring! Be sure to check our Instagram bio for a link to video of the poet reading the poem in its entirety at a past Festival. And don’t forget to mark your calendar for the upcoming 2016 Festival!

If you’re looking for creative ways to celebrate National Poetry Month, visit the Academy of American Poets’ website for a list of 30 ways to celebrate, including ordering this year’s free celebratory poster.


Check our Instagram @dodgepoetry every day this month for a new quote in honor of National Poetry Month!

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