Poetry Friday: New Festival Videos!

Posted on by Dodge Poetry Staff

DPF-s1986-ColorFinalLogoUp close. Personal. Human.

Those are just a few of the qualities we hope you will love about our short videos of poetry readings from the Dodge Poetry Festival.

These videos offer an even more up-close view than being at a poetry reading. You’ll see the poets’ personal responses to the audience as amusement, appreciation, affection and, sometimes, trepidation flash across their eyes. As their fingers keep time, as they focus on each word, as the slightest change of expression reveals subtle shifts in thought and feeling, you will be viscerally reminded that poets, even the greatest of them, are human, just like us, and that a poem, when spoken aloud, is one of the most intimate ways human beings have created to share our inner lives.

We’ve got over 30 new short films from the 2014 Festival to share with you.  We will be sending them your way every Friday, and adding them to the 64 from earlier Festivals already posted on our YouTube channel. You’ll be able to find them there, here on our blog, or through Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. We’ll also be gathering all of the links here on our website.

These poems are here for you. Enjoy them. Revisit them. Unlike a live reading, you can pause and replay these poems as often as you like.

If you are a teacher and want to share these with your students, we have some suggestions on how to work with these videos in your classrooms here.

And poems are great for sharing – please share on social media using the hashtag #dodgepoetry

Stay Tuned. We’ve got a lot to show you.

We’re kicking off our video series with Anis Mojgani! Watch as he reads his poems “Come Closer” and “Poem for the Love of My Life and How She Makes Me Feel” during the poetry sampler at the 2014 Dodge Poetry Festival. For more info on Anis, check out our blog about him or visit his website. Twitter: @mojgani

Check back with us on Fridays for more poets from the 2014 Festival!

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