Poetry Friday: The Common Gathering in Photos

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Last Saturday, teachers from all over the state who had taken part in our Spring & Fountain poetry exploration groups convened at Princeton Day School for a full day poetry retreat called The Common Gathering. Participants took part in morning and afternoon electives, which ranged from writing activities to conversations. It’s a chance to reconnect with poems, be surrounded by like-minded peers and talk about the role poetry plays in our lives.

This year’s featured poet was the dynamic Patricia Smith, who read a selection of her own poems in the morning, and a selection of poems by others in the afternoon. It was a lovely, energizing and rejuvenating day. Thanks to all of our teachers who participated, our wonderful Dodge Poets who lead sessions and to Patricia Smith for her electric readings. And thanks to Lauren Rutten, who captured all of these moments.

Here are some photos from the day, we hope they will make you as happy as they make us!


BJ Ward leads “Writing in Response to Nature”


Dodge Poet Betty Lies leading a session.


Patricia Smith, full of energy and enthusiasm, during her reading.







All photography by Lauren Rutten.

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