What Does That Groundhog Know, Anyway?

Posted on by Dodge

In the depths of winter, it’s really nice to have something to look forward to. Punxsutawney Phil may have seen his shadow on Sunday, predicting more winter, but don’t let old Phil get you down. Why not plan some poetry for yourself with Spring & Fountain?

Just as spring is rejuvenating, so is listening to really good poems being read aloud, or sharing poems you love with like-minded peers. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little time outside of work, away from home, to just listen? To take a nice, deep breath before the hectic end of the school year, and just be present with some poetry?

Spring & Fountain sessions are happening all around the state starting in March, so you won’t have to travel far for this mini mind vacation. This year we’re offering the program in 3-week and 6-week series on weeknights and on Saturdays to accommodate different schedules. There is no pressure for you to write in these sessions – only to share poems that are old favorites or newly discovered loves with other supportive teachers. And you can also register for the all day poetry retreat—the Common Gathering—on May 3rd in Princeton. Our featured poet for the day is Henri Cole—whose readings and discussions will delight us all.

All the registration information can be found here. And we promise, we won’t tell Phil.

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