Poetry Fridays: A Taste of the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Archive

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Martin Farawell, Poetry Director
Michele Russo, Poetry Coordinator

Today we dip into the vast Dodge Poetry Archive–over 2,500 hours of audio and video footage recorded at the Dodge Poetry Festivals since 1986.

When fully preserved, indexed and formatted as a searchable website, the Archive will lift poetry off the page and allow us to experience it as an oral/aural art shaped by a human voice.  It will foster a direct personal connection to poetry by allowing us to experience it through the voice and, in the case of video, the facial expressions, body language and mannerisms of the person who made the poems.

We  chose four short readings for you today.  As you listen and watch, consider how seeing and hearing the poet read their work influences your experience.  How does the video contribute to your understanding of the poems, as well as your visceral “gut” reaction to the work?  Imagine 2,500 hours of this experience available at your fingertips.

Tony Hoagland at the 2006 Festival

Jane Hirshfield at the 2008 Festival:

Kurtis Lamkin at the 2006 Festival:

Naomi Shihab Nye at the 2008 Festival:

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