What’s Your Line?

To kick off National Poetry Month, we thought we would pay homage to the building blocks of poetry: really great lines.

Within each of us live words that we might not even realize are there, stored within us, ready at hand. When we connect deeply with a poem or a line, barriers are broken within us and the words become a sense memory that is meaningful. The rhythm syncs with us internally, and the meaning of impactful lines often seem to translate our own experiences.These lines can be the best type of haunting – coming to us in times of happiness, struggle…or even seemingly without any trigger at all. They can become mantras, small comforts, philosophies, themes. Most importantly – they can be shared.

Please share with us your most impactful lines from poetry; you may have them committed to memory, or you may feel compelled by them whenever you read them. These vital lines may be just what someone else needs too.

Post these favorite lines in the box below marked “Share your thoughts.”


In the spirit of National Poetry Month, please consider a donation to the Dodge Poetry Program. Your generosity will help us continue to bring poets to schools around New Jersey, and to offer opportunities and materials for teachers.

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